A day in the life of your IT team

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IT Directors and Managers, does this sound familiar?

08:40 – Arrive at work, fresh brew and boot up computer

08:45 – Start working through inbox

08:50 – Email from team member, “Sorry I’m feeling unwell…”

09:00 – Impromptu team meeting to cover absence

09:03 – Coffee now cold

09:07 – Email from HR, “Apologies for the short notice but we have a new starter joining us today, could you…”

09:08 – Raise ticket and reply to HR

09:10 – Back to inbox, read interesting email from Cloud Business

10:00 – Start work on RFI to kick start new digital transformation project

10:27 – Walk in, “I know I’m supposed to raise a ticket but can you quickly…”

10:45 – Reread draft RFI to try and get back in the zone

11:30 – Teams meeting with the Board to discuss Q1 IT strategy

11:41 – WhatsApp message on internal IT group chat, “We have a P2, I don’t know who to contact…”

11:58 – Resume meeting

12:14 – Email from internal VIP, “No one in Support is answering my calls or emails, can you escalate…”

Lunch? Who in IT has time for lunch?

End User Support is essential for supporting productivity across an organisation and minimising downtime. But without sufficient internal capacity or high service levels from a Managed Service Provider, it can have a detrimental impact on your IT team’s ability to deliver on strategic projects and other core activities.

To transform your user experience and free up your team to focus on what they do best, read this article exploring 5 end user support best practices >

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