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The biggest cyber security threat 2021

What is the biggest cyber security threat of 2021? Like in 2020, phishing is still the go to attack vector for cyber criminals, a tried and tested way to access your data.

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How secure is the cloud?

In this video, Gary Duke, answers the common question “How secure is the cloud?” and explains what a Shared Responsibility Platform means in the cloud.

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Passwordless authentication: security and convenience with Azure AD

It may seem like security and convenience are mutually exclusive terms, but with the advent of passwordless authentication both are now possible. Find out more about methods of passwordless authentication and how they easily integrate with Azure Active Directory >

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Top cloud challenges for healthcare businesses

As healthcare businesses start to adopt the cloud at a startling rate, it’s becoming clear that there are significant hurdles when it comes to security. Our blog covers the skills gap, spiralling spending, increasing threats, and the route to combatting them both.

Stay Safe

How do you protect against phishing attacks?

86% of UK businesses experienced a phishing attack in 2020, and they’re only getting more sophisticated. To protect your business, you need to strengthen your domain security, starve attackers of information, and adopt a culture of caution.

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