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Covid-19 and remote working has highlighted a key issue with traditional PBX telephone systems, they prevent rather than enable businesses agility. 

In recent weeks, employees have had to find workarounds that allow them to communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues, such as using their personal mobile or requesting that communications are limited to email. Phone systems that are designed around closed networks and fixed locations, cannot deliver the agility and mobility needed now – and arguably will be needed for the foreseeable future. 

Cloud telephony resolves these issues and delivers more 

The cloud brings opportunities that enable businesses to communicate 21st century styleIn recent years we’ve seen interest in cloud telephony solutions increasing, but in recent weeks this interest has increased dramatically!  

Just as Covid-19 and widespread remote working has accelerated the adoption of digital collaboration tools like Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, suddenly customers are experiencing real-life use cases for cloud phone systems. 

As many businesses make decisions to take a remote-first approach to the modern workplace, cloud telephony is an important enabler during this pandemic:- and to drive future agility and mobility. 

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Cloud telephony for a post-Covid world 

Many businesses are moving their entire telephone systems to the cloud, doing away with the on-site infrastructure that a traditional phone system requires, and of course the associated expense of the initial setup, ongoing maintenance and potential upgrades. In addition, as hardware becomes out of date, it becomes increasingly expensive to maintain. 

However, there are voice cloud solutions that will integrate with existing on-premises systems – and so even businesses wanting to continue using an existing PBX system, handsets and phone system features can do so seamlessly 

Cloud voice solutions are available in various plans, creating flexibility to allow any business to take advantage of the benefits offeredSolutions can come complete with calling minutes included, or as a withoutcalling option, enabling businesses to source a telephony carrier of their choice – or use an existing PBX system 

Cloud voice solutions support a wide variety of devices. For those businesses wanting to continue with the classic desktop handset, no problem. But it’s worth noting that headsets are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in busy open-plan offices and in busy homes where employees are working alongside the rest of their family. Businesses can choose devices to suit their needs, and mix and match for individual employee preference.  

Another major benefit of moving telephony to the cloud is the ability to integrate with regularly used office toolsInstant messaging is a growing business phenomenon and bringing together chat, file sharing, and calling into one platform gives workforces the ultimate unified solutionhelping to enhance productivity. 

Over the last few months, we’ve supported a number of customers deploy Micrsoft Teams Business Voice, combining all the benefits of file sharing, instant messaging, video and audio conferencing with a unified cloud telephony solution. 

If you’re using Teams and would like to explore this option, we host regular discovery workshops to help you see whether it’s a good fit for your organisation, answer your questions and discuss different options. Click on the link below if you’d like to book one of these events. 

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