How a complete company directory can make Office 365 even better

Office 365 has played an enormous role in digital workplace transformation. It’s given you a more efficient IT setup, cut down the time you spend on admin, let your employees work remotely and protected you from the latest cyber threats. But a complete company directory can make it even better.

A company directory in 365 can:

  • Improve its user experience
  • Increase its adoption
  • Reduce IT workloads
  • Improve service delivery
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce risk
  • Unlock value

You may have a corporate directory already. But chances are this is missing lots of information, and any information that is there is likely to be out-of-date. So why not update your directory and drive your company’s Office 365 productivity?

Hyperfish Company Directory

How does it improve my Office 365 experience?

Improving the user experience. When the 365 interface is filled with useful, personal information, it makes the user feel more welcome. Everyone likes seeing their own name.

Increasing its adoption. Again, when the user’s name is all over the platform, it gives them more incentive to explore and use all of its features, such as SharePoint and Delve.

Reducing IT workloads. Complete information means 365 can function as it’s meant to. This subsequently means less help desk tickets will need to be logged.

Improving service delivery. With profile information complete, there’s more time for more important IT tasks.

Increasing employee engagement. Profile photos help everyone put a name to a face, and details like work anniversaries and promotions mean everyone can begin collaborating in a friendlier way.

Reducing risk. A lack of information can lead to security breaches and mistakes. But when you have a complete company directory, this is one less thing to worry about. Plus, it looks more professional.

Unlocking value. When you find missing corporate directory information and populate it across the whole of 365, all of its features will look and function at their best.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 14.24.16.png

See how you’re doing…

Now that you know how a company directory and Office 365 work well together, it’s time to see what state your own corporate profiles are in.

You may have some useful information here already. Or you may have updated your user profiles once and never looked back.

Our friends at Hyperfish have a nifty directory analyser you can use. This will show you what information you have in your company profiles, along with what you still need to get so you can unlock the full potential of Office 365.

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