How do IT service desk providers price their services?

it service desk providers pricing

IT service desk providers typically operate their businesses using a subscription model. Organisations pay a monthly fee based on the service level required and the support hours needed, such as 24/7 IT support, core hours only, or out-of-hours / overnight only.

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IT service desk tickets are defined as 1st, 2nd and 3rd line, and organisations can combine different service levels, aligning them with their internal IT team’s capacity and strategy.

IT service desk pricing models

Factoring in the service level and hours required, the monthly IT service desk fee may be charged in the following ways:

Per user – a flat monthly fee is charged per user on an individual headcount basis or in scales i.e. ‘up to 5 users’, 6-10 users etc. This model is ideal for small businesses who are new to IT service desk outsourcing as it’s easy to budget for IT support and clear how much your support will cost as the business grows.

Per device – this model also works for small businesses or larger organisations that don’t require all employees to have access to their IT systems. However, bear in mind that many employees now require IT support on multiple devices (desktop, tablet / laptop and smartphones). When comparing IT service desk providers using different pricing models, make sure you have a clear idea of how many devices and users your organisation needs to provide support for. 

Per ticket – IT service desk providers that use a per ticket pricing model make it easy to ensure you have sufficient coverage however many users and devices need IT support. You’ll need to have an idea of historic ticket volumes to get an accurate idea of what your monthly fee will be; although, as with any outsourcing model, it’s a scalable option so request more coverage if you need more tickets per month.

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Pricing models vary between different IT service desk providers. When benchmarking providers and calculating how much their services will cost, make sure you have a good idea of what your business actually ne