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Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Make hackers’ jobs harder, not yours

A hybrid workforce needs a network that allows your people to connect to any resource from any location using any device. This presents some unique challenges for network security. Step up New Generation Firewalls (NGFW) to provide single-lens visibility across your entire distributed network.

Time for a technology refresh

Legacy firewalls were not designed to meet the challenges of hybrid work, multi-cloud environments and distributed networks.

Most traditional firewalls cannot support hybrid data centre use cases, where applications and workflows move from one environment to another. They like the predicability of a static network where apps and workflows only exist in one environment.

Next Generation Firewalls are designed to know about every user and device on the network, the applications and resources they are accessing, and identify anomalous behaviour and malicious activity anywhere.

Giving you single-lens visibility across your entire network, supporting hybrid work strategies and allowing your organisation to get the benefits of multi-cloud environments.

Next Generation Firewalls also provide a unified platform that integrates different security solutions to deliver contextually coordinated security across the network.

Is it time to upgrade your legacy firewall estate? Speak to our Cyber Security Team to find out whether NGFWs should be part of your security strategy >

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Next Generation Firewalls for a hybrid world

A firewall doesn’t stop you getting hacked. It’s the people who deploy that firewall and manage it that prevent data breaches.

Our approach is to understand your existing IT environment and security posture, then explore your IT strategy and future plans, before making any technology recommendations.

Our team will then design and deploy the security architecture, prioritising business-critical assets, and balancing your organisation’ risk profile with your users’ technology demands.

For peace of mind we also offer a Managed Firewall Service, providing proactive and continuous monitoring of your firewall estate.

Speak to our team to explore NGFWs and firewall management >

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