How to build supply chain resilience during times of disruption

Unplanned disruptions affect your business for a variety of reasons: falling or increasing demand, material shortages, production or quality issues, logistical challenges and consumer expectations. In a globalised era, most companies operate with a heightened risk; a crisis can happen at any time. The rippling effect can ultimately cripple your operation and your business.

In this post from our Dynamics 365 expert, we explore how increasing visibility can build supply chain resilience and support business continuity.

Supply chain resilience starts with end-to-end visibility

When your business has a long or complex supply chain, your risk is amplified, and many companies find themselves ill-equipped to cope when the unexpected happens. Establishing a resilient supply chain, however, means you can adapt more easily to stay profitable, retain market share and remain competitive when faced with times of change and disruption.

Businesses need end-to-end supply chain visibility to base their decision-making on data instead of emotions and assumptions. When disruption is inevitable, a resilient response is rooted in ensuring efficiency and a faster return to normal during a crisis.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is new suite of intelligent applications that transforms your organisation and helps you do more with your data. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies can establish a resilient supply chain to adapt to disruptions successfully. It ensures business continuity during disruption and provides end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, so that you can make data-driven decisions based on demand and supply in a crisis.

You will have confidence with on-time delivery and reduce costs of demand fulfilment with agile planning, sourcing, and distribution processes. Along with that, you will minimise your downtime and operational costs by reducing errors and predicting disruptions more accurately. When you build a resilient supply chain, you protect your revenue, reputation, and competitive advantage with Microsoft’s intelligent supply chain insights.

In a recent web poll, reported that only 6% of companies are very confident in their systems and capabilities for end-to-end supply chain visibility, including cross-border trade. Resilient supply chains can minimise their risk and achieve 20% – 60% improvement in forecasting accuracy with advanced analytics. These companies also boast 20% – 40% increase in perfect order rate.

The suite of intelligent applications helps customers unify their data and drive better business outcomes. Dynamics 365 delivers powerful capabilities across finance, operations, human resources, commerce, sales marketing and service.

Is Dynamics 365 right for you?

If you’ve explored Dynamics before, have another look. Dynamics 365 delivers next gen business applications that help you work smarter and achieve more. However, you don’t have to dive straight in. We offer a Dynamics 365 Assessment service to help you explore whether it’s a good fit for you, and how it can be aligned with your systems, processes and desired outcomes.

This service ensures you make the right decisions about new technologies, helps on board key decision makers within your business and provides a roadmap for a successful deployment. Learn more here >

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