This enterprise social network gives your team a faster and smarter way to connect and collaborate.

Collaborate, share knowledge, and engage.

Yammer provides a simple way for your team to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage everyone across your company.  At Cloud Business, we are not your typical IT company so helping our humans, engage, share and discover is in our DNA.

The Benefits

Yammer is a powerful collaboration tool that lets you do anything from building social communities through to being a platform to develop employee innovation.

Engage your entire workforce
With secure intuitive mobile apps that keep your team connected regardless of where they are.
Seamless integration with Office
Yammer is the social layer across Office integrating with your favourite apps to help you stay productive.
Share and collaborate within project teams or departments
Yammer lets you work in project groups or share documents.

We’ve helped companies including Avios become digital workplaces with Yammer and other collaboration tools.

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Why Cloud Business?

Our digital workplace expertise coupled with our Microsoft technical knowledge means we are perfectly placed to help you roll out Yammer across your employee community and encourage its adoption. We can help:

Identify Use Cases

Identify and scope out Yammer use cases – from surveys to social platform.

Simple Launch

Launch Yammer with our 'Yampion' readiness programs.

User Training

Provide comprehensive end user training for key stakeholders like marketing, HR and IT teams.


Develop governance and policies to keep Yammer use on track.

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