White label IT service desk, the importance of cultural fit

Are you looking for a white label IT service desk solution? Many IT service providers will brand their IT outsourcing services to provide your customers or staff with an IT service desk.

It’s a cost effective solution that allows companies to scale and only pay for the services they require. Much more affordable than running your IT service desk in-house, and should also improve response and resolution times, and delivers a better customer service.

A white label IT service desk can also help build customer relationships and your organisation’s brand. Instead of using a generic service desk, to all intents and purposes a white label service desk looks like part of your IT department. This can enhance the reputation of your IT department internally (by improving the IT support service delivered to staff), and also your customer-facing technical support.

What does a ‘good’ white label IT service desk look like?

Sticking a logo on your service desk portal and answering the phone using your company name doesn’t automatically deliver the service levels you may want from a white label IT service desk. The service desk provider must do a lot more than simply pretend to work from within your organisation.

Instead they need to embed themselves in your organisation, talk your language, understand your objectives and culture, and have an in depth knowledge of your systems and products (if delivering technical support to customers).

If they don’t, there’s a danger that they could actually damage your organisation’s reputation by not meeting the expectations of your users or reflecting your corporate culture correctly.

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So if you’re planning to outsource your IT service desk to an outsource IT support provider, and want a white label solution, look for the following:

  • A comprehensive on boarding process: make sure your service desk provider invests time in understanding your organisation and ensuring they have the right information to provide a white label solution.
  • Shared values: if the IT provider shares your organisational values you’ll get a much better cultural fit as their service desk analysts and their services will already be aligned with them.
  • Strategic partnership approach: look for an IT service provider that wants to proactively support your organisation’s business objectives and future plans. By providing strategic advice and aligning their services with your goals, they’ll become a valuable partner as well as delivering a service.
  • Quality assurance and service desk accreditation: for reassurance that a provider has the right quality controls in place and is focused on delivering a high quality service desk, look for relevant accreditation. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001 and Service Desk Institute certification will help you identify good providers.

For a checklist to help you benchmark different providers and find a white label service desk solution that’s a good fit for your organisation, download our IT Service Desk checklist here >

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our team about your requirements, please get in touch.

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