Imagine if we never reimagined

Just by looking at things in a slightly different way, we can all create innovative, breakthrough moments that reimagine the way things are done.

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Business technology – The Amen drum break

Humans have been reimagining the way we do things since the beginning of time. Sporting, music, travel, entire industries have been reimagined by people who thought about doing things a little differently. 

The story of Gregory Coleman is the epitome of someone who reimagined.

In 1969 Gregory Coleman created a six second drum break that would go on to be used on over 5,000 tracks.

From Slipknot to Oasis, the drum break reimagined modern day music. 

There’s a high chance you’ll recognise the beat when you hear it.

But imagine if Gregory Coleman never reimagined...

If Gregory never reimagined that drum break, thousands of our most loved tracks might never have been made. 

And this got us thinking, imagine if we never reimagined?

In our lives, our interests, our places of work, we have the ability to reimagine the way things are done.

What if you could completely reimagine what you do?

Technology allows you to do just that. By using innovative technologies and a team of highly accredited people, we are able to work with you to reimagine what you do. Whether that’s how you communicate and collaborate, how you keep your business safe, or how you manage workloads. We are ready to reimagine with you. 

Our customer who are reimagining what they do

People who reimagined

Dick Fosbury is considered one of the most influential athletes in history.

He reimagined the high jump with a “back-first” technique, famously now known as the ‘Fosbury Flop’.

This simple change in the way something was done completely revolutionised the sport, and is now adopted by almost all high jumpers around the world.

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