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Speeding up Office 365 administration and improving reporting efficiency

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Office 365 Administration

Cloud Manager is an administration tool that speeds up Office 365 administration, as well as provides reporting elements on your Office 365 tenant, so you can anticipate issues before they happen.

Image of Cloud Business Cloud Manager, a tool to speed up Office 365 administration
No more PowerShell scripts required
Instead Powershell commands are replaced with a responsive web application, which you can use on any device.
Compliance with auditing regulations
Generates an audit trail, ensuring that you are compliant with data protection laws in regulated industries.
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Increased helpdesk support efficiency
Ideal for a support desk environment supporting a significant number of users. Carry out common administrative tasks without PowerShell command lines removing script errors or training costs.

Using the cloud to run our IT saves a lot time and hassle. Cloud Manager assists the support desk by managing the administration of Office365 saving time, resource and reducing risk.

— David Krausz  Technical Services Manager, ASOS

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Core Features

Monitoring capability

With a dashboard that shows you RSS feeds on the status of services, as well as licensing information and other key information, administrators and operators will be able to proactively monitor the status of the Office 365 tenant, avoiding preventable issues from occurring.

Ability to Set and Reset Passwords

By using Cloud Manager you do not need to distribute the Administrator’s password to multiple parties with the support environment.

Increase security and compliance

You control access to the application by using AD groups and all Office 365 administration tasks performed by support staff are logged and an audit trail is available immediately. As the application is installed on your servers, no additional data is transferred out of your environment.

More Features

Reporting Features

List mailbox permissions, List users, Mailbox sizes and limits, Archive size, Quota usage, List all devices, Item counts.

Administrative Features

Manage admins in Active Directory, Set and reset passwords, Edit mailbox permissions, Add mailbox forwarding, Edit mailbox folders, Secure Access.

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