A day in the life of our Strategic Partner Manager

Gemma Horsell is our Strategic Partner Manager at Cloud Business. Here she shares her day…

My role at Cloud Business is to work closely with our Partners to drive joint business growth and add value. To give you an idea of what that involves, here’s a snapshot of a typical day for me at Cloud Business (during lockdown!)

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Wake up and get moving!

With the current climate, my routine has required structure more than ever before.

I generally start my day early. First off, I check-in to see what’s happening in the news. At least I used to! Lately I’ve focused on making sure I start the morning off in a positive way to set me up for the day.

Nowadays my morning routine starts with a big mug of tea! Then, instead of checking the news, I use the extra time to get moving. I’ve found exercise to be rewarding as it gives me a much more positive outlook on the day ahead. I’ve found that it also helps me feel more alert and productive. My go-to app at the moment is Peleton. I don’t have the bike (I’m still undecided on it) but I just use the exercise app. Today I selected some simple stretching exercises.

Next, I have breakfast and normally go for something healthy. My favourite breakfast at the moment though, is bacon, pancakes and maple syrup. I had never dared to try this combination before, but lockdown has sparked my creativity!

My morning schedule

After getting ready, I log in to my laptop. My role entails supporting our Partners across many areas including uncovering growth goals, driving sales, assisting with training requirements and developing marketing plans and campaigns such as co-created and co-branded content, promotions and events.

New opportunity

My first video call of the day was with Gary Duke, our Sales Director, to discuss a new opportunity for one of our partners. The requirement was for Cloud IT Support. I updated Gary and then briefed the opportunity into one of our Sales Leads to manage alongside a pre-sales specialist (after undertaking a qualification process with the partner contact).

Once the opportunity has passed this phase, I will then add it to a Pipeline and Opportunity Tracker that I’ve previously created for the partner, which is shared via a private Teams site. I typically have weekly calls with each partner to talk through the tracker at a high-level. We provide updates on project progression for every open opportunity and we also talk through items in the partner’s pipeline.


My next video call of the day was with Jane Woodyer, our Marketing Manager, to review marketing assets that we have created for one of our partners. We’re in the middle of launching a partner-focused package for Home Worker Support Services with them. We reviewed content such as a partner-specific cheat sheet, one pager and lead generation asset, which will all be white-labeled with their branding.


Before lunch I also had time to prepare training content for a partner’s sales team. I will be delivering a training presentation to them covering:

  • An introduction to Cloud Business
  • Technology expertise
  • Partner services
  • An overview on our partnership and previous customer wins
  • An overview on two of our partner-focused packaged offerings:
    • Cloud Assessment
    • Microsoft Cloud Managed Services


Today the weather was fine so I got away from my desk for some fresh air and a short walk, followed by some lunch.

My afternoon schedule

Quarterly business review

After lunch, I prepared for an upcoming Quarterly Business Review with one of our partners that will take place later in the week. I ensure that all information required is prepped and put together beforehand, including the creation of any slides needed in the meeting. These meetings take place once every 3 months with our partners to discuss co-created business-related goals, measure success, as well as providing updates and discuss future planning.

As an example, a typical agenda that will be discussed may include:

  • Cloud Business Update
  • Partner Update
  • Open Projects
  • Spend and pipeline review
  • Review of co-created business plan, results and new objectives
  • Discuss new packaged services and service mapping
  • AOB

New partner and onboarding

Later in the afternoon I had a call with a newly onboarded partner. I had previously assisted them with the full onboarding process which included a full introduction to partnering with us including how I can support them, information on our services, welcome pack and documents, contracts and legals (NDA, MSA, DPA), and introductions to key stakeholders including contact details.

Today we had a business planning session scheduled to talk through their business in further detail. We defined the key areas of growth from the partnership and formed a co-created Partner Business Plan which focused on delivering these strategic growth areas. We typically review the plan with partners on a quarterly basis, at which point the plan continues to evolve based on success measurements and new goals and objectives which are set.


My evening is probably the same as most at the moment, given the current restrictions in place! Recently I’ve enjoyed watching movies in the evenings especially old-school 80s action, I mean who doesn’t love Arnie?! I also like to catch up on sports, my favourites are F1 and UFC!

I hope you’ve found this day in the life interesting. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you would like to keep in touch. Finally, let me know if you have a Peleton bike. I would love to know what you think of it!

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